Curriculum Vitae



-B.A. Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin, 1974; English Literature and English Composition.

-M.A. California Institute of Asian Studies; San Francisco, California, 1978;Integral Counseling.

-Ph.D. California Institute of Integral Studies;San Francisco, California, 1985;
Clinical Psychology. Dissertation: Accessing The Unconscious: A Comparative Study of Dreams, The TAT, and Tarot (1985)


Licensure:  Psychologist PSY11016 California 1989; Family Therapist MFC21211 California 1985; Community College 13431 California 1985; Provider of CE PCE2147 California 2001.


Postdoctoral Fellowship: (18 months) Alvarado Parkway Institute, La Mesa, California:60 bed private in-patient facility. Training in Chemical Dependency, Psychodiagnostic Testing, Group Therapy, Biofeedback, Cognitive Therapy, Neuropsychological Testing, Supervision of Predoctoral Interns. Ran daily Recovery Groups on Chemical Dependency Unit, led Cognitive Therapy Program on Open Mental Health Unit, and ran Relationships Group on Women’s Unit (as only male therapist allowed on unit).


Clinical Experience

Current Situation:
• Private Practice—Moonlight Counseling Center (Director), Clinical Psychologist.
(North County, San Diego). Individual, Couples, and Group therapy. Generalist, with integrative Jungian/Existential/Cognitive emphasis. Adults, Families, and Adolescents. 1987-present. Specialties include cognitive therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression, mindfulness/awareness approaches to stress, improved focus, and self-awareness, 12 Step supported recovery orientation to disorders of addiction, and active imagination techniques when indicated to foster deeper access to unconscious contents and self-regulation, including Sandplay, Dreamwork, Journaling, Hypnosis, Meditation, and Psychological Tarot. Includes, Intuition Mind Seminars, private classes for therapists and general public in Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology.


  • Graduate Instructor, Adjunct Faculty Professor, San Diego University for Integrative Studies (SDUIS, in Old Town); California Institute For Human Science (CIHS, Encinitas). Also at University of Humanistic Studies (formerly in Solano Beach). Courses taught include: Group Psychotherapy, Abnormal Psychology, Special Topics: Symbols and Synchronicity in Psychotherapy.

From 1980-2002

  • Continuing Education Speaker
    -Psycho-Legal Associates, Huntington Beach (Provider) Independent Contractor, 1998-2000. –Intuition Mind Seminars (PCE 2147), Director and Faculty Presenter Topics: Symbols & Synchronicity In Psychotherapy; Tarot & Psychology, Meditation and Imagination. Presentations given throughout California for CEUs, Approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences, 2002.
  • Previous Practice Situations:
    (San Diego)-Barr-Vilt, Tierrasanta. Heavy navy family load. Navy wives group. Adolescents and adults. 90-91. Beverly Glenn & Associates, Point Loma, S.D. Adolescent group, navy family, marriage group, individual psychotherapy. 1986-88. (San Francisco) Part-time solo as MFCC intern. Dream analysis, individual and group therapy (adult and adolescent), eclectic/Jungian approach. Supervised by Richard Stein M.D. 1978-85.
  • Workshop Instructor, Human Potentials. Developed private workshops on communication, sensory awareness, cognitive therapy, meditation, dreamwork, and organizational development. With Barry Shea, M.A. 1978-81 (included weekly drop-in discussion groups for 18 months at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center & Brotherhood Way Center).
  • Residential Treatment Buckelew Houses, San Rafael, CA. Senior therapist in 15 bed long-term facility for the rehabilitation of schizophrenic, dual diagnosis, and borderline young adults. Co-ran day program with six groups daily (5 years), dispensed medications, team treatment planning, individual, family, and group therapy. 1980-85.



  • Training Certifications

– Psychoanalytically-based Outpatient Practicum (6 month) for advanced training in long-term treatment of character disorders in private practice. The Solano Center, Berkeley, CA. 1986.

-Training at C. G. Jung Institute Summer Seminar, London England (40 hours, 1991).

– Certified in Nondual Teachers Training, with Peter Fenner, Ph.D. (Boulder, 2009); also The Radiant Mind Course (Santa Rosa, 2006, 18 months total).

-Certification in Clinical Hypnosis and Subliminal Therapy, with Edwin K. Yager, Ph.D., 2002 (San Diego, 36 hours).

–Advanced Practicum In Jungian Sandplay Therapy (32 hours),
San Diego, CA. Susan McNofsky, 1990.
–Meditation Study Tour/Retreat, Himachal Pradesh, N.India, 2 months sponsored by CIIS, October, 1989.

–Certificate Program in Jungian Psychotherapy, Zur Institute, 2012 (33 CE hours).

— Certificate of Advanced Tarot Training, The Reader’s Studio, New York (April 21-24, 2015). Note: Tarot is a second area of expertise that is independent from my primary practice as a psychologist in mainstream clinical situations. I have been a teacher/scholar/and professional tarotist over 40 years, and am respected nationally & internationally as an expert/pioneer in the psychotherapeutic uses and study of active imagination with tarot symbols. It is used, however, quite sparingly in normal therapeutic contexts, if at all, and is reserved mostly for my seminars and classes for professionals.




-Accessing the Unconscious: A Comparative Study of Dreams, TAT, and Tarot; Arthur E. Rosengarten. Doctoral Dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, 1985. [Of note: this was the first accredited doctoral dissertation ever written on Tarot].

-Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility, Arthur Rosengarten, Ph.D., Paragon House, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2000. (In print)

-Tarot of the Nine Paths: Advanced Tarot for the Spiritual Traveler, Arthur Rosengarten, Ph.D., Paragon House, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2009. (In print)

-The Tarot of the Future: The Way of the Nine Paths. [Release scheduled for February, 2018, Paragon House, St. Paul, Minnesota].


-Not A Religion But A Sacred Tool (article) Arcanum, New York, New York (November ‘97).
-Symbol And Spread (article) Arcanum, New York, New York
(December ‘97).

-Tarot And The Laws Of Opposition (article) Arcanum, New York, New York (September ‘98).
-A Man Dying Of AIDS (article) Arcanum, New York, New York
(December, ‘98).

-Tarot, Freud, And The Wise Doctor From Zurich (article) Nov. 1998, The Jung Index (Internet).

-Memos From The First Tabugian, Meta Arts Magazine (2002)

– Yahoo Discussion Group Owner/Moderator TAROTPSYCHE (2009-Present) Includes vast archives of original materials and experiments.

-Ongoing classes: The Tarot Circle (1992-Present), Los Angeles, Orange County, Encinitas, and Solana Beach (San Diego, California).



Paper: Tarot, Death, and Dying: Deconstructing Jungian Finality Via Trump 13; American Culture Association, Boston, Mass., April, 2012.
Paper: From Rainbows to Sandcastles: The Making of Tarot of the Nine Paths; National Conference, American Culture Association. San Antonio, Tx., April 2011.

Poster: “Nonduality & Tarot Divination.” Science and Nonduality Conference, San Raphael, Ca., 2009.
The Imaginative Power of Tarot, Visiting Scholar. Sponsored By The Depth Psychology Club, Sonoma State University, November, 2002; 2nd lecture: Empirical Studies Using Tarot.

Symbols & Synchronicity in Psychotherapy (6 CEU) (8 hour Powerpoint Intensives: Santa Monica, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, and Riverside Counties. 1999-2000. Sponsored by Psycho-Legal Associates, Huntington Beach, California, Michael Dennis Director).

Healing Contexts: Therapy Vignettes Using Tarot, Los Angeles Tarot Symposium, 1998.
Yarrow Sticks and Tarot Cards: The Relevance of Synchronicity In Our Times; University of Humanistic Studies, Solana Beach, 1998].

Future Viewing and The Prospective Function, University of Humanistic Studies, 1997.

Tarot Cards & Yarrow Sticks: The Relevance Of Synchronicity In Our Times, The Inside Edge, Costa Mesa, Ca. (1997).

Blending Intuitions: Tarot and Sandplay Presented at the Los Angeles Tarot Symposium, September, 2000.

Tarot And Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility (slide show/book presentation); Bodhi Tree Bookstore, West Hollywood, California, September 2000


WORLD TAROT CONGRESS Sponsored by International Tarot Society (Chicago):

  • 1st World Congress: Domestic Violence Through The Window of Tarot(October 1997).
  • 2nd World Congress: Tarot And The Laws Of Opposition. Presented at (July,1998).
  • 3rd World Congress: A Tarot of the Future: Speculation On An Expanded MajorArcana. (September 2001). Pending 2012: 4th Congress.
  • THE DELHI SEMINAR, sponsored by Tarot India Network, New Delhi, India,December 2008, with Dr. Art Rosengarten. Tarot and Psychology (morning)
  • Tarot As A Global Tool For 21st Century Communication (afternoon)
  • THE BEIJING SEMINAR, sponsored by the China Occult Association, Beijing China, September 2016. Tarot and Psychology.


I have been interviewed over 100 hundred times on radio and web podcasts, and continue to be a regular featured guest on Coast To Coast AM with host George Noory (See archives for past shows).


Past Affiliations:

American Psychological Association
CAMF San Diego, and North County SD
American Psychotherapy Association, Diplomate Association For Transpersonal Psychology
Friends Of Jung Society, San Diego
American Tarot Association; Advisory Board Member



Winner of the Science Of Consciousness Poetry Slam, Tucson II; [Co-sponsored by The University of Arizona], (1997)

-Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association, March 9, 1999



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