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Dr. Art Rosengarten may in all likelihood be the most qualified Tarot Professional on the internet today.

His timeline in Tarot explains why. Dr. Art is highly intuitive and reads from an “integral perspective” which includes the psychic, transpersonal, analytic, global, therapeutic, and magical interpretive styles as called for. Art has taught the Tarot for over 30 years. He is a pioneer in this field and wrote the first doctoral dissertation on Tarot readings which were compared experimentally with dream analysis and projective storytelling to earn his Ph.D. at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco (1985). He is author of three outstanding works on the tarot, has been an Adjunct Graduate Professor of Psychology at various universities in his area, as well as created and taught his Jungian-based approach in The Tarot Circle since 1992, with former Chapters in Los Angeles, North County San Diego, and Orange County, and currently in Solana Beach. He has been invited to lecture and teach throughout the US, and in parts of Europe, China, Egypt, and India.  Dr. Art has been a featured speaker at all three of the extraordinary World Tarot Congresses in Chicago sponsored by the International Tarot Society (1997-2002), has lectured and presented his entertaining multimedia slide shows at many major conferences in the US, including, the Popular Culture Association (Boston and San Antonio), Creativity and Madness Conference in Santa Fe, The Northwest Tarot Symposium, and The Reader’s Studio (2X) in New York City.


“No one reads tarot cards like Art Rosengarten!”

-George Noory, radio host of Coast To Coast AM

But what separates him from other accomplished experts in Tarot is that Dr. Art is simultaneously a highly experienced Jungian psychologist! He has been in private practice for over 40 years. His long and successful career as a licensed psychotherapist has provided him with an additional wealth of professional knowledge and experience to draw upon as a Tarot reader, author, teacher, and artist. Accordingly, he has been a frequent guest on the popular nationally-syndicated radio program Coast-To-Coast AM with host George Noory as well as a guest on over 50 other radio programs in the US and Europe. Dr. Rosengarten designed and published the highly original and ground-breaking tarot deck and system, Tarot of the Nine Paths or “TNP” (available on Amazon), and now his underlying rich and provocative hypothesis regarding Tarot’s future course, and the need to “re-tune” its Major Arcana “magically,” so to bring the Higher Keys into alignment with the emerging archetypes of this age, and beyond, can be found in his soon-to-be released, highly anticipated new book, Tarot of the Future: Raising Spiritual Consciousness. Dr. Art predicts this work will become the magnum opus of his entire writing career. (Pre-release orders now available at Paragon House Books).

Dr. Rosengarten’s first book, Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility, is now in its 17th year in print, and is widely acclaimed as the classic text in the emerging field of Tarot Psychology. Personally, and spiritually, Dr. Art has been a practicing Buddhist throughout his adult life, is certified to teach nondual meditation, and has received advanced trainings in Zen, Tibetan, and so-called “Western Buddhism,” including the powerful teachings of the Radiant Mind Training of Dr. Peter Fenner. Art is also an accomplished poet, and a passionate acoustic guitar player. He now lives and works out of Solana Beach and Del Mar, California, in North County, San Diego.

Dr. Art’s style is friendly, accessible, compassionate, playful, and unpretentious. His policy has always been to offer a “money back guarantee,” specifically, if a client believes the reading was neither relevant or useful in any way, no questions asked.  Over the 40 years he has been reading Tarot, Dr. Art has never been asked for a refund. He makes no immodest claim of “the best” psychic services on the internet, only as this brief bio has outlined, “the most qualified.”  You may draw your own conclusions as to “the best.”



Besides readings for individuals, couples, and organizations, Moonlight Psychic Services also include classes from INTUITION MIND SEMINARS, The Tarot Circle, academic lectures and presentations, as well as other related practices, including Sandplay Therapy, Dream Work, Meditation Instruction, and Life Coaching.  For psychotherapy and counseling services with Dr. Rosengarten (with or without Tarot), please refer to Moonlight Counseling Services on this site.  Insurance is accepted for psychological services, including for Recovery, Relationships, Career, Group, and Individual Depth therapy.


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