-Saturday Morning Group Therapy: How Your Mind Works


Saturday mornings in Del Mar at Coastal Psychiatric

Led by Dr. Art Rosengarten, Clinical Psychologist


THEME: Understanding How Your Mind Works:

-Making it work for you in terms of well-being, satisfaction and increased self-esteem and self-awareness.

-Sharing deep personal experience, including relationship challenges, breakthroughs, and new insights

-Building a highly authentic, supportive space for people to share, interact, take risks, connect deeply, feel support, receive peer feedback, and express true feelings without fear of judgment or retaliation. Recovery, relationships, and spirituality discussed. Meditation is included.

The series goes for four months of weekly meetings before a break is taken, and new series begins. Members may continue if they wish, or take a break, and new group members may join at the beginning of the next series.


For more information, contact Coastal Psychiatric in Del Mar: 8585-259-0599 or Dr. Rosengarten directly at (760) 518-2001.



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