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 -CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST at MINDPATH HEALTH in Del Mar, CA., 40 years of private practice experience. New patients with insurance requesting Dr. Rosengarten call (858) 259-0599.  Individual, Couples, Group, Adolescence, CBT, ADHD, Addiction & Recovery specialities. Telemedicine Appointments throughout California over Zoom available also. We accept most insurance plans and will verify your behavioral health insurance plans for you. Address: 12835 Pointe Del Mar Way, Suite 1, Del Mar, CA 92014.


-Dr. Rosengarten is a licensed Jungian-based clinical psychologist with 40 years in private practice as a seasoned psychotherapist.  In addition to his clinical work, he is author of Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility, Tarot of the Future: Raising Spiritual Consciousness, TNP, and a widely-recognized speaker, teacher, reader, and expert in the psychological applications of Tarot symbols, and teaches seminars online on various Jungian topics through Moonlight Counseling. 



Author of Tarot of the Future: Raising Spiritual Consciousness and the deck Tarot of the Nine Paths (TNP)


                                                                                                        What??A Clinical Psychologist Espousing Tarot Cards?

From Tom McBride, English Professor Emeritus (ret.), Beloit College

A Brief Review: The lamentable conditions of contemporary existence seem plain enough, ranging from our visits to the supermarket, where we immediately become one more item in an enormous data set, to the rise of authoritarian power in Europe, the Near East, and even the United States. This is likely only the latest chapter in a world—the modern one—that has been marked by a decline in traditional religion, the rise of scientific influence (or scientism), and the mass society created first by the seemingly long-ago “Industrial Revolution.”

But now comes a new book by Arthur Rosengarten, Tarot of the Future, which speaks at least indirectly to these trends and offers an alternative to the unease they have created in us. As soon as the word “Tarot” appears in a title, some may run, as the term sometimes has about it the whiff of fortune telling or New Age hokum. I am here to say this brilliant new book has none of that. It is not an anti-scientific book per sebut even suggests that while the biochemistry of the future may make us happier, and free us to pursue more spiritual goals, the pills and implants themselves will not really cure what ails us.

Briefly stated, Dr. Rosengarten’s thesis—illustrated in great and synergistic detail—is that the Tarot system mirrors the structure of the human unconscious. He makes his case in lucid, lively prose—at once provocative in tone and yet also careful to be courteous and sensitive to the reader, for whom some of this material is bound to be new. This is an entertaining and enlightening book. Dr. Rosengarten, in a wonderfully memorable phrase, reminds us that we are all “keepers of our own interiors,” and he wishes to show us how the Tarot system can become an inspiriting template to help us find in ourselves those impulses of the spirit that we never knew existed before. Here is a work that can help us contact the various gods within. This is not a book that prescribes open-ended meditation, bogus divination, or overrated scientific solutions. It is a book that is, at once, transcendental in its outlook and yet extremely concrete in its exploration of Tarot meanings and themes. Therein lies the genius of the effort.

A central trope in this book is “travel,” and this was the chapter that meant most to me, primarily because my own research has revealed to me that no matter where we go these days, we will have seen everything online before we even pack our bags. Dr. Rosengarten, for me, lays bare the threadbareness of this high-tech reality in favor of a travel into the unconscious where the endpoint is uncertain and the process difficult, uncertain, but potentially enthralling and peace-bringing. And yet he never suggests that there is some stable and final tranquility but insists that it is always a search in progress. In sum, this is not a book with final answers. It is a book of new directions.

He makes an excellent case that, for all the ways Tarot has been manipulated and ballyhooed, it is based on the ancient wisdom of an olden time, when there were gods to turn to instead of the spuriously magical answers of progress. The gods are gone, but Dr. Rosengarten suggests that, although they are not coming back, they remain extant within us, where they always were. This volume is a pioneering and fascinating accomplishment.

-Watch YouTube: FROM RAINBOWS TO SANDCASTLES: THE MAKING OF A 21ST CENTURY TAROT By Arthur Rosengarten Ph.D. (2017). Slide presentation for the Creativity and Madness Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico Aug. 2017. Sponsored by the American Medical Education Association.

Dr. Rosengarten is also a Certified meditation instructor from the Radiant Mind Training.

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I have been meditating for over 50 years, and no, I’m not enlightened. But that is not the point.  As a psychologist I believe meditation is the single most beneficial tool for centering the mind, relaxing deeply into one’s experience as it is, whether agitated or calm, and generating greater psychological spaciousness. This allows us to observe the thoughts and feelings that disrupt our momentary reality, to note them simply as “thought” or “feeling,” (minus their content) and then disengage immediately from the snowballing of mental chatter which actually is the source of our anxieties and depressions. Instead we learn to refocus instantly onto the next mind-moment of breathing, and continue tracking each breath.  We do it not so much to feel good as to break the cycle of toxic self-generated mentalizing. Meditation offers a simple technology to short-circuit the causes of unnecessary suffering. And we also feel better because of it. -Art Rosengarten, Ph.D. Mindpath Healthcare, Del Mar, California


Individual Talk Therapy provides an excellent avenue for self-reflection, dealing with present crises and unforeseen developments, complicated circumstances and psychic pain; it can be useful for sorting through, developing coping-strategies, processing difficult emotions, and reframing dysfunctional thoughts and behavior patterns into realistic and effective responses. Read more…
I believe the degree of trust and rapport we develop together is crucial for successful outcome.
Couples Therapy entails building upon a sense of the “us” to bring greater harmony in our togetherness.  What may serve one person in a relationship may or may not serve the other (or the relationship itself), even though we ourselves benefit. This is where problems and breakdown occurs most often and must be investigated in a safe context for both individuals to present their differing points of view earnestly.  Read more…
Jungian psychology informs the spiritual dimension of my therapy practice. While the base of our work together will be talk therapy, I use a range of additional techniques that fall under the general rubric of “Active Imagination” which are founded on the following assumptions about the nature of the human psyche: 1. That deep in the unconscious there is a natural wisdom, given the proper conditions, for the psyche to heal itself through images  2. When energies in the form of “living symbols” are touched upon in the personal and collective unconscious, healing can happen spontaneously at an unconscious level.  3. As a more harmonious relationship between the conscious and the unconscious develops, the ego is restructured and strengthened. These assumptions form the basis of my work with both Tarot and Sandplay therapy. For those not familiar with other Jungian ideas, here’s an overview:
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Meditation and mindfulness practice teach us how to refocus on present-centered awareness (see Demo) to cut through reactive emotional and habitual thought patterns which hinder skillful action and obstruct our ability to see situations clearly. I have practiced meditation for over 40 years and instructed many people during therapy on basic technique. Read more…


Clear lakeOn Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool: There are many simple practices of Mindfulness Meditation that can be indispensable to your therapeutic progress, and everyday life.  I often instruct and encourage clients to learn to meditate. See a short demonstration of one practice which many find helpful. Click 

Regarding Tarot:
 Dr. Rosengarten is among the leading scholars of modern Tarot in the world (see Wikipedia: “occult decks/Tarot of the Nine Paths”) and one of only a few psychologists worldwide to have thoroughly researched, published, and successfully implemented psychospiritually-based Tarot card readings within his private psychological work, as a supplemental tool utilized at critical points in a person’s growth not unlike dream analysis. Dr. Rosengarten wrote the first accredited doctoral dissertation on Tarot as a method for accessing the unconscious, and is a true pioneer in the emerging discipline. Readings set up through this website are always 100% guaranteed to be personally relevant and useful to the querent, or your charge is immediately refunded, no questions asked. For additional information or to set up an appointment for a reading, please call Dr. Art directly at (760) 518-2001.

“In 1984, Art Rosengarten (here shown with famed Tarot author, Eden Gray), as research for his doctoral dissertation, conducted an experiment very similar to the one described by Jung, in which he compared the tarot, TAT and dream interpretation. You can read about this experiment in his book, Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility. I think Jung would have been pleased.” Mary Greer,  From Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog, March 31, 2008 [Carl Jung and Tarot].  




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Tarot: The artist and his work by Art Rosengarten



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Click Short Video below: Who By Fire: A song and written by Leonard Cohen illustrated with Vertigo Tarot, as conceived and produced by Dr. Art Rosengarten, Moonlight Video Productions.                           

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Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, anger, recovery, depression, relationship issues or any other kind of mental, emotional, or spiritual-ethical difficulty, I offer a wide variety of skills and experience designed to help you restore, maintain, and build upon your psychological health. I’m dedicated to client satisfaction, and provide comprehensive, customized, compassionate care.  For your convenience, I’m equipped to provide my services in the office, over the phone, and in some cases by Skype. Give me a call today to request more information or to schedule an appointment.
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Workshops that expand awareness, explore the power of symbols, meditation, and the development of intuition. Includes public lectures, weekend seminars, classes in Jungian and Transpersonal psychology, and Buddhist meditation. Contact Dr. Rosengarten for more information, book signings, lectures, and radio appearances.  (760) 518-2001

FarSeeingArt: Selected Writings and Poetry of Arthur Rosengarten


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LOGO Queen Disks Rohrig SOLANAJOIN THE TAROT CIRCLE This series of classes (which are really more like “spiritual group therapy”) is for all levels of Tarot practitioners, including total beginners. Art’s unique style of teaching blends original hands-on exercises with informal lectures and demonstrations, as well as entertaining Powerpoint presentations which deeply delve into many related topics, such as developing intuition, symbols and synchronicity, Jungian and Transpersonal psychology, Eastern meditation, and tricks of the trade used by highly competent readers

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To order Art Rosengarten’s book considered a landmark in the field of Psychological Tarot–Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility (Paragon House) see Amazon or call 858-481-6600.

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Psychological Tarot engages intuition to seek deeper spheres of psychological life and enrich self experience and awareness. It can be incorporated into therapy sessions as a supplemental technique like Dream Analysis or Jungian Sandplay therapy; tarot “readings” can be requested for a single session or in a series of three readings over perhaps two months. The results are uncanny.
Or my deck, Tarot of the Nine Paths: Advanced Tarot for the Spiritual Traveler 
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