The Hatchery

COMPLETE HATCHERY 2.9 2011 (Click)

Frog FROGFluid: A dynamic, unfolding quality of flow and emergence 

Resonance: The sensation and experience of connectedness

Oracle: The “natural intelligence” intentionally tapped from random patterns and events synchronistically

Gnosis: Transcendental understanding or intuitive knowledge pertaining to spiritual truths. The Hatchery is An Original Arcane Dictionary Developed by Dr. Art Rosengarten of over 700 terms tied to a random number generator (OPEN AND SCROLL DOWN) __________________________________________________________________ HOW to create a FROG:  Generate 3 random integers between 1 to 731 via Random Number Generator:

-Then use your imagination to “hatch a FROG” by synthesizing three random analogues into one original idea. Send your FRog to Moonlight Counseling to be posted for all to see!

View FROG Sample (click)

View FROG Sample (click)

View FROG Sample (click)