-On Completion (Nonduality)

Potent Quotes Department

By Peter Fenner, Ph.D., Founder/Buddhist teacher of The Radiant Mind Course

  • We know something is complete when it no longer requires our attention
  • Unconditioned mind is the only experience where attachment and aversion can no longer function.
  • Paradoxically, when we experience  loss, we know that we’ve lost nothing, yet the loss seems quite real, because we’re again in the conditioned mind, where things seem real and unreal.
  • Karma is only created when we’re holding onto or rejecting what’s happening.
  • When we struggle with or rejoice…endure or enjoy an experience— we’re incomplete.
  • Now our actions are incomplete because we’re projecting a time in the future when the results of our actions will come to fruition.
  • Rather than being in the now, we’re looking ahead, either for the continuation of an experience we’re enjoying or for the end of an experience we find unpleasant. Every moment we’ve lost our connection with the unconditioned mind we’re incomplete & creating incompletion.
  • Every experience that falls outside the range of our preferences is incomplete
  • Any experience we have to tolerate or accept is incomplete—because the experience stops us from being in the flow of the here and now.
  • The only reason we feel incomplete is that we’re thrown into the past or future, wishing that things were different and that we were somewhere else.
  • How do we know if an experience is incomplete? Because we are compelled to react to it. Buddhas don’t get excited –-is someone who rests permanently in the uncoditioned mind while remaining fully immersed in the functional, interpersonal reality.
  • Moods such as excitement, enthusiasm, doubt, embarrassment, resignation, and boredom will slowly disappear from our experience.
  • They will be replaced by serenity, sensitivity, natural patience, vulnerability, invincibility, unconditional forgiveness, openness, supernal bliss, joy, and love.

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