Topics range from tarot divination, Buddhist meditation techniques, Jungian symbols and synchronicity, cognitive behavioral therapy, deep personal sharing, dreamwork, consciousness, and developing intuition.

Many who have taken my classes before know they are usually small, friendly, and intimate. Tarot opens social interaction like no other.  Each week I will present a select topic of interesting psychospiritual and tarot teaching materials from my books, teachings, personal practices, and therapy experiences as a clinical psychologist, that I believe will deeply enhance and develop your own way of discovering and working with the deck of possibility, as I call it, even if you are a “beginner.” 

This series will combine both a succinct body of sophisticated information regarding the structure of the deck and the skills needed for effective readings AND also offers guided instruction by an experienced teacher, as well as ample practice time in class, topical experiments, group discussion, emotional support, and connection. Our tarot approach will be largely intuitive and feelings based, the essence of the “therapeutic approach” to tarot work.

If this looks like something you’d like to join in with please email me asap or call (Text/Cell) 760- 518-2001 of your interest level, or any further questions. Below are both schedules, live of Friday evenings in Solana Beach, CA as well as online via Zoom, the course work will be similar.

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