My Philosophy

Art in Office eminibelieve the degree of trust and rapport we develop together is crucial for successful outcome. It requires basic sincerity on both sides, and an understanding that our work is by nature exploratory, intuitive, imperfect; it can also be richly soulful and comforting as the process deepens. What we talk about may address identified problems, current life struggles and transitions, negative emotions, vulnerabilities and obsessions, things arising in the moment about our relationship, feelings and beliefs about who you really are, etc.


It is not necessary or even desirable to have an agenda before arriving, better to let our dialogue be more  emotional and spontaneous. This establishes a very interesting communication channel between us, perhaps unlike any other relationship you can think of.  My job is to be very present with you, help you identify and clarify your own natural strengths and places of empowerment, as well as address limitations, “blindspots” and/or distortions through which you may be filtering (mis)interpretations of your reality that impede psychological and spiritual growth.  I can provide you with certain awareness-based feedback and tools for enhancing confidence, self-reflection, serenity, and necessary vulnerability during hard periods of growth, adversity, and change.


I also believe the ten “key capacities”of healthy ego-functioning suggested by the eminent author/psychiatrist Dr. James Masterson found on this website and the core principles of acceptance, awareness, and balance lead us to the desired result: feeling more spacious, positive, present and connected to our own true nature. Additionally, mindfulness meditation techniques have been integral to my practice and teaching which I may introduce into our sessions when the time seems ripe. I may include cognitive-behavioral techniques when working with problems of anxiety, depression, and for addiction and recovery issues to supplement 12 Step philosophy.
I also recommend various “active imagination” techniques as suggested in Jungian psychology, at pivotal times over the course of treatment, perhaps every few months, including Sandplay therapy, Dreamwork, and my personal expertise, Tarot divination to supplement talk therapy during periods of stagnation or loss of direction, or else to  deepen creativity and perspective around important areas of exploration.  Though slightly unconventional, I am highly trained in these approaches and have found very positive results in their occasional application. I’m available to discuss any further questions regarding my orientation and services by phone at (858) 481-6600 or (760) 518-2001.  Art Rosengarten, Ph.D.