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Symbols, Intuition and Divination in Psychology: An Interview with Dr. Art Rosengarten

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Tarot Cards With Candles On Red TextileTarot cards are said to have originated in mid-15th century Europe and were believed to have been used at that time to play games. Today, they are most associated with divination practices that provide insight into an issue or problem and as a tool to explore the unconscious mind and engage intuition.

Though divination practices like tarot have been historically dismissed by the dominant contemporary scientific and evidence-based psychology communities, the function of tarot cards in psychotherapy sessions as a tool to incorporate the evidence-supported power of metaphor and symbol remains.

Dr. Art Rosengarten wrote the first dissertation on tarot and psychology and later published the classic text on the topic, “Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility. “He is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in San Diego, California and an adjunct professor of psychology. He is also a meditation instructor and a skilled reader and teacher of tarot who has dedicated his life’s work to incorporating the powerful, healing practice of tarot in psychotherapy practice and teaching clinicians and others the skills to do the same.

The following is an interview with Dr. Rosengarten. It has been edited for length and clarity. Click

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