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TAROT: THE ARTIST AND HIS WORK by Art Rosengarten. Jungian psychologist and Tarot author-artist Dr. Art Rosengarten presents a meditative photo Journey through his mystical travels and deck, TAROT OF THE NINE PATHS (TNP)

PSYCHOLOGICAL TAROT: A Psychospiritual Approach to Therapy Written and produced by Art Rosengarten, Ph.D., Moonlight Video Productions.

-ON MINDFULNESS MEDITATION A Short Demonstration by Dr. Art Rosengarten, Moonlight Video Productions 

-ON THE CLINICAL USE OF SANDPLAY THERAPY IN THE TREATMENT OF DEPRESSION by Art Rosengarten, Ph.D. A brief discussion by noted Jungian psychologist Dr. Arthur Rosengarten on the painful symptoms of clinical depression and how it can be treated with techniques of Active Imagination, in this instance, Sandplay Therapy. For more information contact Moonlight Counseling in North County San Diego, California.

PSYCHOLOGY, TAROT, AND THE ELEMENT OF SPIRIT:  An Interview with Dr. Art Rosengarten (excerpted from The Great Work, A Film by Chance Gardner & Vanese McNeil)

–THE RED ICE INTERVIEWS From The West Coast of Sweden: Tarot of the Nine Paths with Dr. Art Rosengarten (5 part).




FIVE POEMS (LIVE) By Art Rosengarten on You Tube


TAROT & SONG: Music Videos Synchronized to Select Tarot Deck Imagery by Art Rosengarten

-WHO BY FIRE: A song by Leonard Cohen, illustrated with Vertigo Tarot by artist Dave Mckeen. Created and produced by Art Rosengarten, Moonlight Video. Productions

-WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: A song by Lou Reed, illustrated with NEW YORK CITY TAROT by artist Francesco Clemente. Created and produced by Art Rosengarten, Moonlight Video. 

 -CHANGE: A song by Tracy Chapman, illustrated by the Nigel Jackson Tarot. Created and produced by Art Rosengarten, Moonlight Video Productions.

-SAD EYED LADY OF THE LOWLANDS: A song by Bob Dylan, illustrated with The Golden Tarot by artist Kat Black. Created and produced by Art Rosengarten, Moonlight Video Productions.



–JOHN BRADSHAW- The Relationship Between Shame and Depression, 2011 (Recovery).


-PETER FENNER- Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview, April 2015. (Nondual)


-ECKHARD TOLLE- Know YOURSELF and Learn To Live In The Now


-RALPH METZNER,Ph.D. Talk to the CG Jung Society of Seattle March 7, 2014 entitled, “CG Jung, Albert Hofmann and the Philosophers’ Stone”


-ANGELES ARRIEN & Terence Mckenna, Prague Gnosis (1978?). (Symbolism and Mind) 


-RUPERT SHELDRAKE: The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence. Google tech Talks, 2008 (Morphic Resonance)


– DAVID R. HAWKINS MD – Lay Down Your Life For God; The Final Door (2002). (Consciousness)
-DAVID R. HAWKINS- If You Feel like Your Stuck     
-CARL G JUNG-The World Within: C. G. Jung in his own words (Rare footage of Jung)
CARL G. JUNG Speaks About Death and the Human Psyche (Circa 1958)

-PEMA CHODRON Why I Became A Buddhist     

-PEMA CHODRON Smile At Fear–Living From The Heart

-LATEST ON THE ‘CROP CIRCLE PHENOMENON’ (SCIENTIFIC UPDATE 2015]: Crop Circle Mystery with A Field Full Of Secrets Intriguing interview with this new film’s director, Charles Maxwell.