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Caring Psychologist in Solana Beach, CA

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, anger, or any other kind of mental or emotional problem, when you need an experienced psychologist in N. County San Diego, Dr. Art Rosengarten is at your service offering a variety of treatment options designed to help you restore and maintain your mental and emotional health. We’re dedicated to client satisfaction, and from the moment you step into our office, we’ll focus on your needs and expectations in order to provide comprehensive, customized care.


We maintain a commitment to excellence by focusing on details, and during our sessions together, you can rest assured that you’ll receive our undivided attention. For your convenience, we’re equipped to provide services in our office, over the phone, and through Skype. Give us a call today to request more information or to schedule an appointment.


Counseling Services
*Individual and Couples Counseling
*Life Transitions, Relationships
*Depression and Anxiety
*Addiction & Recovery issues
*Mindfulness Training & Psychological Tarot

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Individual Talk Therapy provides an excellent avenue for self-reflection, dealing with present crises and unforeseen developments, complicated circumstances and psychic pain; it can be useful for sorting through, developing coping-strategies, processing difficult emotions, and reframing dysfunctional thoughts and behavior patterns into realistic and effective responses. Read more…


I believe the degree of trust and rapport we develop together is crucial for successful outcome.


Couples Therapy entails building upon a sense of the “us” to bring greater harmony in our togetherness.  What may serve one person in a relationship may or may not serve the other (or the relationship itself), even though we ourselves benefit. This is where problems and breakdown occurs most often and must be investigated in a safe context for both individuals to present their differing points of view earnestly.  Read more…


Jungian psychology informs the spiritual dimension of my work. For those not familiar with Jungian ideas, here’s an overview: The Wise Doctor from Z Web R



Meditation and mindfulness practice teach us how to refocus on present-centered awareness (see Demo) to cut through reactive emotional and habitual thought patterns which hinder skillful action and obstruct our ability to see situations clearly. Read more…

LOGO Queen Disks Rohrig SOLANAJOIN THE TAROT CIRCLE- This class/group is for all levels of Tarot practitioners, including total beginners. Art’s unique style of teaching blends original hands-on exercises with informal lectures and demonstrations, as well as entertaining Powerpoint presentations which deeply delve into many related topics, such as developing intuition, symbols and synchronicity, Jungian and Transpersonal psychology, Eastern meditation, and tricks of the trade used by highly competent readers. 

To order Art Rosengarten’s book considered a landmark in the field of Psychological Tarot–Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility (Paragon House) see Amazon or call 858-481-6600.

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Psychological Tarot engages intuition to seek deeper spheres of psychological life and enrich self experience and awareness. It can be incorporated into therapy sessions as a supplemental technique like Dream Analysis or Jungian Sandplay therapy; tarot “readings” can be requested for a single session or in a series of three readings over perhaps two months. The results are uncanny. For more information:


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